For me, music is the most beautiful way to connect with people. No matter, if I play in a bar, a club or I create playlists for a music streaming service I am very grateful to share music with people.

Curious how my DJ sets sound like? Please check out my Mixcloud profile!

I used to share my newest music cassettes with my class mates when I was a primary school pupil in Beijing. At the end of 1980s China slowly opened up its market to popular music from Taiwan and Hongkong – I liked the melodic love songs combined with synthie sound. 2006 I bought a small music controller and started to dj from my laptop. I liked to play a fresh, dynamic electric sound in the club and this was quite different to the techno music which was trendy in the club at that time. Very quickly I drew attention from the Vienna clubbers. 2008 I joint the organisation team of Myyy Bitch Club – an hip, arty party in Vienna where fashion designer, photographers, artists were among the visitors.

I enjoy my job being a DJ. I played at Festivals (Frequency, Donauinselfestival, I love Electro, etc.), clubs in and outside of Austria and different fashion parties (H&M, forever21, Swarovski, etc.) and live performances (f.e. Radiokulturhaus).

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